The historic Fox Theatre is one of Atlanta’s premiere venues for live entertainment. The Fox’s 4,678 seat theatre is booked more than 300 performances a year ranging from Broadway to rock to comedy to movies.

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1st July 2010

Photoset with 10 notes

There has been a long standing rumor that one of the crystals that make our stars in the sky was replaced long ago with a piece of a Coca-Cola bottle.  Last week two of our restoration colleagues braved the extreme attic temperatures, climbed above the sky searching for this piece of history. 

The myth is indeed true and the proof is in the pictures.  Our restoration team is working with Coke to figure out what year this bottle originated.  The 3rd and 4th photos are some of the other crystals that are used to make the stars shine. 

Photographs by Yoonhwa Jang and Emily Fisher
Copyright Fox Theatre Archives

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    Who knew?! Finding out the Fox had a tumblr may have just been my greatest discovery of the summer.
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    The interior of the Fox looks like you’re observing a fort somewhere on the Mediterranean at twilight; there are stars...
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    Some very cool local folklore about the Fabulous Fox Theatre! Now, when will there be a touring company of American...
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